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LIFEPOWR lets you stay in charge

Simply Plug & Play

Simply Plug & Play

POWR your wildest dreams.

POWR Your Business Dream

POWR Your Business Dream

Don’t miss out on opportunity. Be assured of that extra charge, even on the road or in the air.

POWR Your Outdoor Explorations

POWR Your Outdoor Explorations

The perfect travel companion. Away from the grid? One backup to keep all your equipment going.

POWR Your Professional Productions

POWR Your Professional Productions

The ideal portable generator without the noise or fumes. Power your passion.

Charge your devices with LIFEPOWR

1 Laptop charge

Get up to 8 hours of extra productivity  with  LIFEPOWR

1.5 Drone charges

Get up to 40 minutes of extra flight time with  LIFEPOWR

6 DSLR charges

Get up to 12 extra hours of
shooting HD video with LIFEPOWR

10 Smartphone charges

Get up to 10 days off grid with  LIFEPOWR

5 speaker charges

Get up to 35 hours of extra playtime with  LIFEPOWR

3 iPad Air charges

Get up to 35 hours of extra productivity with  LIFEPOWR

50 smoothies

Try to mix some smoothies with  LIFEPOWR!

Non-battery powered devices up to 120W

You can also use non-battery powered devices – up to 120W – with  LIFEPOWR. Read more about it here.

Massively powerful

LIFEPOWR powers devices up to 120 Watt, which includes such powerful devices as televisions and guitar amplifiers. This is a defining feature separating us from other battery chargers and power banks. Keep a broad range of appliances going!

Compact and lightweight

Efficiently designed, the A2 and A3 boast high wattage and capacity while remaining compact and lightweight. Packs a punch and easy to carry!

with the LIFEPOWR SUN SolarPacks

LIFEPOWR brings peace of mind. Extra power at hand for all your devices, wherever you are. And that is not all. True energy independence may be reached thanks to our solar modules.

Experience Freedom.

Power Your Life.