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LifePower is Hiring!



People often ask us what the best thing is about the startup experience.
Obviously we can come up with many different answers to this question.



As part of a startup,

life is never boring. Work is never the same. Each day is different. Meetings are rarely dull. Lunchbreaks are inspiring. Mornings are magical.

The world is our playground.


The other side of the coin however

is that this experience depends entirely on your own mindset, motivation and attitude towards your job.


Working for a startup company

demands complete and total engagement of each member of the team.


At LifePower we strongly believe

that every member of the team, in their own way,

contribute to the company’s character.


Therefore, the key to our company’s success and growth

lies in the foundation of our people.

And in return, the startup experience

will enrichen your life in every aspect.



Feeling inspired to build with us?

Join our team to power the world!


We are looking for


Legendary Sales Executives

Graphic and Product Designers

Product Developers and Engineers

Marketing Experts and Growth Hackers

Business Developers

Backoffice/ Administrative Heroes.


Are you ready to start the New Year with a bang?

Send your CV and motivation to



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