Meet the LifePower Team

Dries Bols

Founder / CEO

Dries, 26 years old, was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been his own boss ever since he started fending for himself. He started organizing events with a group of friends when he was 18 years old. They managed to get a festival off the ground in Antwerp and have quite some known artists and bands on their stage. Next to this Dries started his own record label called Furthur Records with the same friends, was the manager for a former Belgian band and started his own apparel brand called Exalted Apparel. Busy man!

During his Master in Engineering, Dries was responsible for building the energy systems into a solar powered racing boat and got acquainted to batteries. He already knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and start his own company, so he continued to do a Master in Business Management. His large passion for music, both creating and producing, gave him the idea for LifePower. During one of his ‘pure sessions’ on location he came up with the idea to create a portable energy solution to make recording music outdoors easier. Voila, LifePower was born! The rest is history 😉

Jan Danckers

Brand Manager

Jan, 26 years old, is our daily supplier of cute cat- and dog movies and slightly inappropriate jokes during work (breaks). Jan traded in the option to have a Bachelor degree in Communication Management for a career in sales, which resulted in a lot of work experience throughout the years. He worked as sales captain at Pepperminds Belgium for two years and a number of other companies including Cool Blue, Infotheek and Hifinesse. As brand manager at LifePower, his job entails a great variety of tasks, including sales, marketing, business development and operational work.

In his free time Jan likes to go on date nights with his dog Maya and his cat Tom. Oh… and of course his girlfriend. On the weekends Jan partakes in popular activities like binge drinking and ‘Netflix and chill’, but he also has really good taste in music. His inspiration when he plays the drums or guitar comes from his favorite bands The Smiths and Oasis. Jan doesn’t have any clearly specified aspirations for the near future, but with his natural charm and looks we know he will achieve anything he sets his mind to.

Jonathan Janssen

Sales Manager

Jonathan, 27 years old, is our newest member of the family, fresh off the boat from the small Belgian village ‘Lier’ (or as Jonathan refers to it: ‘a full-fledged city’). After his Bachelor in Education Studies, Jonathan climbed the hierarchical stairs at the Belgian company Pepperminds for six years, starting as Sales Promotor and leaving as Sales Trainer and Human Developer, before he started his job at LifePower. As a true Belgian, Jonathan has a passion for Belgian craft beers.

A few of which his favorites are La Chouffe, Triple karmeliet and Chimay. Jonathan also loves music and sports. He was a Scout Leader for four years and played basketball for twelve years! As sales manager at LifePower Jonathan will be responsible for the whole sales team in the near future, so if you aspire to come work for us in sales, make sure to know your beers before you apply for the job!

Thayenne Behr

Creative Content Manager

Thayenne, 27 years old, is our creative spirit and female touch in the office, originating from our Northern neighbors. Thayenne switched her career in coffee for a marketing job at LifePower. Up until May 2016, she has been working as a barista ever since she was 16, of which the last three years here in Antwerp. Now she only occasionally operates the porta filters when she joins latte art competitions. Besides her weakness for black gold, she has a passion for music, films and words. After doing her Bachelors in Communication and Marketing back in her hometown Rotterdam, she finished her master’s degree in Film and Visual Culture in Antwerp.

For her job at LifePower she is able to combine both her studies, as she is responsible for the final inspection of all in- and outgoing content, both audiovisual and written. When Thayenne likes something, she does not just like it, she loves it. This is reflected in her slight obsession for New Girl, Bon Iver and having plants in her living room (the current count is 16). Although she loves her creative job at LifePower, Thayenne secretly aspires to someday open her own (mobile) specialty coffee bar.

Alan van Zitteren

Graphic & Motion Design

Alan, 27 years old, is the other half of the creative team, the man behind the screens. He is the one creating all graphic & motion content when his co-workers ask for it. Even though Alan officially only works part-time for LifePower, he can always be relied on. He has been part of LifePower from the very beginning in 2014 with the making of the video for the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, and still brings the same enthusiasm to the office as he did at the start.

Alan was born with a passion for the visual world. His daily life is consumed by freelance work in photography and graphic design and making commercial videos and after movies. Alan was born in the Dutch city Roosendaal but moved to Belgium when he was 14. When Alan is not busy creating visual content, he plays soccer. He has a very broad interest in music, but has a gift to always find the hidden gems. Alan is planning to start his own company next year and focus more on his own creative work.