Greatly flexible

Imagine the freedom of powering any low power AC device, anywhere you are. A lamp, amplifier, laptop, camera, drone, medical device etc. The A2 is like a silent, fumeless and portable generator. Along with its built-in USB port, your options are endless.

Replenish on solar energy and keep on going.



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Dimensions 14.85 cm x 15.2 cm x 2.55 cm (5.85” x 5.98” x 1”)
Weight 850g
AC Power 100W continuous
AC output [Global model] AC 230V* / 50 Hz / max 120VA peak
*In combination with the included universal adaptor you can use it with practically any type of plug, anywhere in the world!
AC output [US model] AC 120V / 60 Hz / max 120VA peak
USB output DC 5V / 3A (15W max)
Charge input 19V / 2.1A (18-23Vdc)
Self-recharge time 3 h
Battery type Li-ion
Total battery capacity 95 Wh | 25600 mAh at single cell V level
Conversion efficiency 85 ~ 90%
Safety Multi layer full protection circuitry


What about compatibility with international power plugs?

There are two models available. One for the US based outlet:
[US] 120V AC 60Hz
and one for the rest of the world:
[EU] 220V AC 50Hz.
In combination with a universal travel adaptor-plug, you will be able to use this one with any type of plug, anywhere in the world!

No idea what this means? Don’t worry, we will automatically ship you the standard outlet for your region.
If however you do have specific requirements, you can select the model you desire upon checkout.

Are there any restrictions for carrying the A2 on an airplane?

No. You can take the A2 with you without any problem as either checked luggage or carry-on baggage.
Below 100 Wh there are no restrictions for built-in li-ion batteries. The LifePower A2 features a capacity of 94,7Wh.

We’ve also included the exact referred IATA and FAA regulations in the User Guide to avoid any possible hold up by airline officials.

How do I recharge the A2?

Each A2 includes a dedicated charger and if you wish to charge with solar power you can hook up the SUN40 solarpack!
A micro USB charge input is also available for compatibility with a wide range of mobile charging devices.

How long does it take to recharge the A2?

A full charge requires 3 hours with the supplied charger, however an 80% state of charge can be achieved in only 2 hours.
This also counts for the SUN40 solarpack, in optimal weather conditions.

Take notice that charging the A2 with a microUSB charger might take up to 20h.

Are your products weatherproof?

The A2 is neither dust nor waterproof.

The SUN40 solarpack is splashwater and dustproof
(can handle rain or exposure to moist weather)
Altough it is not advised to use/charge any electronics in humid conditions..

What’s inside the A2’s box?

Besides the A2 itself, you will also find:

  • A velvet bag
  • The User Guide and Quick Start Guide
  • The dedicated charger (in some regions incl. replaceable plug)
  • The Universal adapter (supplied only with the EU/Global model)

Is there anyway to be posted for new products and ventures?

Absolutely, just subscribe by filling out your email in the footer of this page.

I have a specific brand laptop. Can LifePower charge it?
Is it independent from the type of laptop I have?

Yes, the LifePower A2 can charge any type of laptop.

However, it only supports a power rating up to 120W (this can be found on the back of your adapter)
Some high performance/gaming devices draw more power and can thus only be charged in ‘power saving’ mode or when shut down.